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The Best of Code Switch

NPR’s Code Switch was named the Show of the Year by Apple Podcasts in 2020. Here are the best moments.
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  • The History of Karens
    What's In A 'Karen'?
    3 MINSPlayer Icon
  • The People Saving the Hawaiian Language from Dying Out
    E Ola Ka 'Olelo Hawai'i
    5 MINSPlayer Icon
  • Hari Kondabolu on Explaining Cultural References (That Everyone Should Get)
    Hold Up! Time For An Explanatory Comma
    4 MINSPlayer Icon
  • What’s It Like Being a Kid of Color Being Adopted by White Parents?
    Our Homeland Is Each Other
    4 MINSPlayer Icon
  • Is Trump Really the Most Racist President of the Last 50 Years?
    Is Trump Really That Racist?
    5 MINSPlayer Icon
  • Puerto Rico’s Battle to Save Its Culture (and Cock Fighting)
    Death Of A Blood Sport
    8 MINSPlayer Icon
  • Stormé DeLarverie, Drag Performer and True American Hero
    They Don't Say Our Names Enough
    6 MINSPlayer Icon
  • Memorializing the Victim of One of America’s Most Violent Lynchings
    A Strange And Bitter Crop
    9 MINSPlayer Icon
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