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Crazy Political Stories

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  • Monica Lewinsky's story as you never heard it
    S2 Ep. 1: Deal or No Deal
    Found by Hark EditorsHark Editors
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  • Katie Couric looks back on her Sarah Palin interviews
    The Palin Interviews, Ten Years Later
    Found by Don MacKinnonDon MacKinnon
    10 MINSPlayer Icon
  • How LBJ stole his Senate election
    24. Robert Caro
    Found by Don MacKinnonDon MacKinnon
    4 MINSPlayer Icon
  • Did the US government plot to kill Senator Robert F. Kennedy?
    S1 [1] June 5, 1968 | The RFK Tapes
    5 MINSPlayer Icon
  • Elizabeth Warren on going on Jon Stewart after the financial crash
    The Candidates: Elizabeth Warren
    Found by Don MacKinnonDon MacKinnon
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  • New Yorker writer Andrew Marantz talks about how alt-right trolls damaged Hillary Clinton's campaign with Twitter trends.
    Andrew Marantz
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  • Martha Mitchell's involvement in the Watergate scandal
    S1 Ep. 1: Martha
    9 MINSPlayer Icon
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