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Desert Island Discs: Celebrities Pick Their Favorite Songs

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13 clips 19 MINS
  • Ed Sheeran Picks the Song that Cured His stammer
    Ed Sheeran
    2 MINSPlayer Icon
  • Nicole Kidman’s Song to Make You Smile
    Nicole Kidman
    58 SECSPlayer Icon
  • Sir Michael Caine’s Very Surprising Music Choice
    Sir Michael Caine
    50 SECSPlayer Icon
  • Len Goodman’s Story Leaves Listeners in Hysterics
    Len Goodman
    1 MINPlayer Icon
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Very Personal Choice for Favorite Song
    Lin-Manuel Miranda, composer & lyricist
    1 MINPlayer Icon
  • George Clooney’s “Awful” Choice
    George Clooney
    59 SECSPlayer Icon
  • Tom Hanks Chooses a Song You Wouldn’t Expect
    Tom Hanks
    1 MINPlayer Icon
  • Bill Gates Romantic Song Choice
    Bill Gates
    1 MINPlayer Icon
  • Piers Morgan’s Hilarious Song for His Funeral
    Piers Morgan
    1 MINPlayer Icon
  • Soprano Elizabeth Schwarzkopf Chooses All Her Own Songs
    Elisabeth Schwarzkopf
    2 MINSPlayer Icon
  • Dame Judi Dench’s Emotional Music Choice
    Dame Judi Dench
    1 MINPlayer Icon
  • Sarah Millican Has the Most Adorable Reason for Choosing this Song
    Sarah Millican
    2 MINSPlayer Icon
  • Poet Ian McMillan Picks 4:33 of Silence
    Ian McMillan
    1 MINPlayer Icon
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