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Home Improvement? Nice Try!

Some of my favorite moments from the second season, where I explore the legacy and history of various home improvement products (which are really self improvement products).
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7 clips 39 MINS
  • The Sweet Tones of the Doorbell
    The Doorbell
    4 MINSPlayer Icon
  • How Vacuum Cleaners Pushed the Bounds of "Domestic" Labor
    The Vacuum
    6 MINSPlayer Icon
  • The Crock-Pot, "a Bridge Between Worlds"
    The Crock-Pot
    4 MINSPlayer Icon
  • Weightlifting for the Common Good
    The Weight
    6 MINSPlayer Icon
  • Mattresses to Fulfill Your Dreams
    The Mattress
    5 MINSPlayer Icon
  • Toilet Paper Shortage? Try a Bidet!
    The Bidet
    5 MINSPlayer Icon
  • The Legacy of the Typewriter
    The Keeper
    6 MINSPlayer Icon
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