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When a Joke Goes Very Wrong

A playlist of moments where a joke backfires - and people lose their friends, or even their job.
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6 clips 29 MINS
  • Be Careful Who You Roast
    Ugly Joke
    5 MINSPlayer Icon
  • Phoebe Waller-Bridge Embarrasses Herself in Front of Meryl Streep
    S1, Ep1 How To Fail - Phoebe Waller-Bridge
    3 MINSPlayer Icon
  • When a Charity Auction Goes Awry
    749: My Bad
    7 MINSPlayer Icon
  • This Candid Camera Moment Was No Joke
    Smile My Ass
    6 MINSPlayer Icon
  • Jimmy Fallon and Vince Vaughn’s Prank Is an Epic Fail
    "Jimmy Fallon"
    2 MINSPlayer Icon
  • How One Tweet Destroyed This Woman’s Life
    Episode 3
    6 MINSPlayer Icon
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