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Kara Swisher Goes to Tech Bro Parties

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Kara Swisher tells a wonderful story from ‘Burn Book’ when she went to a crazy party hosted by the billionaire founders of Google.
Kara Swisher Goes to Tech Bro Parties

Radio Atlantic

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The Power of Kara Swisher

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Kara Swisher talks to Jennifer Palmieri about her tough reporting style.
The Power of Kara Swisher

Just Something About Her with Jennifer Palmieri

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Kara Swisher Challenges Elon Musk’s Biographer

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Is Elon Musk a nice person? Walter Isaacson spent two years following him around for his new book, so did he end up liking him?
Kara Swisher Challenges Elon Musk’s Biographer

On with Kara Swisher

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Kara Swisher Knows She Is a Great Journalist

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Kara Swisher reveals why she always knew she was a great journalist.
Kara Swisher Knows She Is a Great Journalist

The Back Room with Andy Ostroy

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The Id and Ego of Elon Musk

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Few people know how Elon Musk ticks like Kara Swisher. Speaking to Sam Fragoso, she breaks down the elements that make him a visionary, as well as difficult to work with.
The Id and Ego of Elon Musk

Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso


Hosted by

Avery Trufelman

Curated byJorge Patino


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