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ARC213: Open Source at AWS—Contributions, Support, and Engagement

ARC213: Open Source at AWS—Contributions, Support, and Engagement

Adrian Cockcroft - VP Cloud Architecture Strategy, AWS

Over the last few years, we have seen a dramatic increase in the use of open source projects as the mainstay of architectures in both startups and enterprises. Many of our customers and partners also run their own open source programs and contribute key technologies to the industry as a whole (see DCS201). At AWS we engage with open source projects in a number of ways. We contribute bug fixes and enhancements to popular projects including our work with the Hadoop ecosystem (see BDM401), Chromium (see BAP305) and (obviously) Boto. We have our own standalone projects including the security library s2n (see NET405) and machine learning project MXnet (see MAC401). We also have services that make open source easier to use like ECS for Docker (see CON316), and RDS for MySQL and PostgreSQL (see DAT305). In this session you will learn about our existing open source work across AWS, and our next steps.
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