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Tony Whitt

Atlantis (Version 1.0), a city without refrigerators…and a possible slap for Polly?! This week we debate possible sexism and definite lack of plot (albeit not the fault of the author this time) in Nigel Robinson’s novelization of THE UNDERWATER MENACE! Come join host Tony Whitt and a panel comprised of not one but two novice fans, our usual fish o’ the sea Alyson Fitch-Safreed and our fill-in Fish Person Rory Jobst! We also have a Patreon extra this time, available starting Sunday, May 20 – we watch episode three of the original disaster at sea and make a few comments throughout. Not MST3K, but hey. Speaking of which, please come visit our Patreon page! It's at If you decide to support us in our ongoing effort to discuss all of the DOCTOR WHO novelizations, you'll be able to choose a gift, whether it be a shout-out by our panel, a card signed by all of us, or a BBC Book of your choosing! Contributing at any level gets you our extras! Visit the site for more details! If you really like us or feel the exact opposite, feel free to comment on our Facebook page or our Subreddit, follow us on Twitter (we’re @DWTARGETBC), or subscribe to us via the podcast provider of your choice (we can be found on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, and TuneIn, amongst many others)! Videos to accompany our first ten episodes can still be found on YouTube! You can also email us at
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