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Episode 29: Eight of Wands

Episode 29: Eight of Wands

Susie Chang and Mel Meleen

Lord of Swiftness, Lord of Speed, the 8 of Wands comes rushing in!  Fast as the flight of the arrow, fleeting as the rainbow, it is here and gone.  First decan of the mutable fire sign Sagittarius, it is ruled by Mercury, the speediest of planets.  It is associated with the Magus/Magician and Temperance/Art, and there we detect the presence of that other messenger, the rainbow goddess Iris.  Mercury, it can be said, also rules all eights, making the 8 of Wands doubly mercurial.  The messenger is on the move: catch him - or her -  if you can!

Here we speak of journeys outer and inner, new endeavors and bright ideas, knowledge gods, the widsom of the crossroads, the eightfold model of consciousness and the transmission of Will.

To learn more about the suit of Wands, the world of Atziluth, the intelligences and systems of the number Eight, the color schemes of the cards, and so much else, be sure to visit us at  You can also shop for Fortune's Wheelhouse T-shirts, mugs, backpacks, stickers, and more at our RedBubble shop.

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