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A Productized Service Roundtable with 5 CEOs (#94)

A Productized Service Roundtable with 5 CEOs (#94)

Jim Huffman

Jim is joined by 4 impressive thought leaders in the productized services space to really break down and demystify this lucrative business sector. Members of the roundtable include John Doherty, CEO of Editor Ninja: Sam Shepler, CEO of Testimonial Hero: Karl L Hughes, CEO of Draft Dev: and Joel Klettke, CEO of CaseStudyBuddy.


  • What is a productized service
  • How far should you niche down
    • Wait, how do you pronounce niche?
  • How do determine when to expand the niche
  • How to price services out
  • Should you be flexible with your service?
  • Training sales teams
  • How to get business / lead generation 


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