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Episode 50: The Foundations of Fitness Nutrition

Episode 50: The Foundations of Fitness Nutrition

Nick Collias, Heather Eastman & Krissy Kendall, Ph.D.

Registered dieticians Douglas Kalman, Ph.D., and Susan Hewlings, Ph.D., pull up to the table to discuss what they ate for breakfast, how the rest of us should navigate the perils of mealtime, and their new course on All Access:'s Foundations of Fitness Nutrition. Highlights: - What our nutritionist guests ate for breakfast - The appeal of nutrition as a field of study: studying disorders, and studying diseases - Doug's "what not to do" stories of making weight as a wrestler - Rachel McLish, Arnold, and Sly Stalone: three unexpected nutritional icons - Nutrition for cognition, and the gut-brain connection - How genetics may determine the effectiveness of caffeine - "Everybody eats, so everybody thinks they're an expert" - The problem of finding true causality in nutrition studies - How nutrition is like the movie Groundhog Day - Why simply "eating clean" and focusing on the basics is underrated - Four steps to better eating: "Don't be afraid of food. Don't skip meals. Stay hydrated. Don't keep eating after you're full." - The problem with the clean plate club - The right and wrong ways to do vegetarianism - Vegetarian protein: how to make it work just as well for you as animal protein - Exactly how much protein you need if you're a vegetarian - Why nutrition is neglected in college and medical school - What users should expect, and get, from their new nutrition course Be sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates! Twitter | Facebook | Snapchat | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube | Google+ | Spotify | Mobile Apps | | Also check out our latest articles in the Apple News and Google News mobile apps.
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