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#274: The End

#274: The End

Sustainababble: comedy, nature, climate change.

Well, this is it. Yer last ever Babble. Thank you – seriously, thank you – if you’ve lent us your attention over the years. It’s been a pleasure.

Herewith a valedictory episode in which we reveal the real reason we’re binning the babble, Ol serenades Dave with an original tune, and we humbly compare ourselves to one of the finest sitcoms this or any country has ever produced.

Mostly though we consume far too much of the Christmas spirit and get bitter about the British Podcast Awards, so it probably is time to call it a day.

Some housekeeping – our old email address is now defunct, so if you want to contact us please write to legacybabble at gmail dot com.

We love you, babble army. Hopefully see you again one day. Big hugs, Ol & Dave. Xxx

Sustainababble was (sob) your friendly environment podcast, out weekly, from 2015-2022. Theme music by the legendary Dicky Moore – @dickymoo. Sustainababble logo by the splendid Arthur Stovell at Design by Mondial. Ecoguff read out by Arabella.


All 274 episodes available on iTunes, Spotify, Acast & all those types of things, or at Socials won’t be checked, but feel free to email us at legacybabble at gmail dot com.

Over and out.

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