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Nightmare Alley: Dying In The Dark with THE OUTWATERS Writer/Director Robbie Banfitch

Nightmare Alley: Dying In The Dark with THE OUTWATERS Writer/Director Robbie Banfitch

Kimberley Elizabeth & Jonathan Dehaan

This is not a drill, horror fans! We've got a new found-footage movie hitting theatres soon and it is scaaarryyyyy. Join your horror hosts Kim & Jon on this week's episodes of Nightmare on Film Street as they chat with Robbie Banfitch, writer/director/star of The Outwaters, a horror movie that has been giving us nightmares for almost a year now. It's a super casual conversation about totally normal things like making severed heads in your apartment, getting swarmed by bees in the desert, and swimming with a group of seals in the ocean to attract hungry sharks (true story!). Join usssss…


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