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Podcast Parodies

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  • Nick Kroll and John Mulaney of "Oh, Hello" pitch their podcast idea to Ira Glass. My favorite part is the fake Subway ad.
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  • The Onion’s David Pascall on the search for the perfect murder for his podcast
    Episode 1: A Perfect Murder
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  • Sarah Koenig of Serial narrates a spoof podcast for “99% Invisible” called “88% Parenthetical.”
    #140 The Roman Mars Mazda Virus
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  • Behind the Scenes of "The Ballad of Billy Balls"
    S2 [BONUS] Leave a Message | The Ballad of Billy Balls
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  • How Not To Make A True Crime Podcast
    QAnon Climbs The Charts, NBA Is Bawlin’ 3.6.19
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