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New Books

New Books—August 2021

New Books in August include new novels by Francine Prose and Ha Jon, an examination of the interdependence between McDonald’s and Black America, and a celebration of the glorious Hummingbird.
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  • Why is the human body temperature 98.7 degrees? Could it have something to do with fungus? It might!
    Fungus Amungus
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  • Conan O’Brien tells maybe the best story ever about Prince’s mystique
    Maya Rudolph
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  • In the age of COVID, here’s what we’ve lost when it comes to movies.
    The movies are back*
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  • When actor J.K. Simmons thought his son had COVID, his wife fashioned their son a bubble for the drive from NYC to LA.
    Episode 1154 - J.K. Simmons
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