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Sports and Politics

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  • The biggest boycott in NBA history and how the players, with advice from Obama, are advocating for social justice
    The Biggest Boycott in NBA History
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  • Taking a knee and the American military
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  • How the Miami Heat put together the Travon Martin Hoodie photo
    Found by Don MacKinnonDon MacKinnon
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  • FIFA, England, and the history of women's professional football (soccer)
    426. Should America (and FIFA) Pay Reparations?
    Found by Hark EditorsHark Editors
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  • Racquet Magazine co-founder Caitlin Thompson on social activism from this year’s US Open
    An Unusual US Open
    Found by Hark EditorsHark Editors
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  • A sports journalist explains how athletes are doing things they’ve never done before to enact social change.
    Serving Up Social Justice
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