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  • How country music lyrics and rap lyrics are treated differently as evidence in a court of law
    Rap on Trial
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  • Does the pill change your brain?
    Birth Control - The Biggest Myths
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  • Stuart Brown on why play will make you happier (and perhaps ensure your survival)
    Press Play
    Found by Hark EditorsHark Editors
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  • Studies show that the whoopee cushion fart sounds are funnier when they are longer
    #95 | Makin' Whoopee!
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  • Social psychologist Jennifer Eberhardt on race and the criminal justice system
    Jennifer Eberhardt
    Found by Hark EditorsHark Editors
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  • If women really knew what the birth control pills was doing to their bodies, would they still take it?
    Sex Hurts
    Found by Hark EditorsHark Editors
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  • A discussion about a couple theories on why clowns are creepy, including the uncanny valley and supernormal stimuli.
    Killer Clowns
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  • “Empathy cannot be a virtue in and of itself.”
    Dr. Robert Sapolsky: What Does It Take to Really Understand Our Decisions?
    Found by Alan AldaAlan Alda
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  • What Is Making Us Fat?
    Obesity - Is It Your Fault?
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  • Conventional Food vs Organic Food
    Organic Food
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