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The Stupid Things Trump Says (And Does)

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  • Some “highlights” from Trump’s final speech at the RNC this week
    The South Yawn
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  • The Spy magazine co-founder talks about tricking Donald Trump into cashing a check for 17 cents.
    Donald Trump Actually Did Us All One Big Favor
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  • Comedian Bette Midler tells New Yorker editor David Remnick her hilarious story of going to Donald Trump’s for dinner
    Bette Midler and the Screenwriter Paul Rudnick on “Coastal Elites”
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  • Jeffrey Toobin and Rob Goldstone discuss Trump’s private and personal personas, and how Trump brands himself.
    Ep01 Is an Englishman in - TRUMPTON with Jeffrey Toobin
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  • What Are QAnon Followers Saying About Trump Having COVID-19?
    Episode 112: Trump Getting COVID Is the Storm
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