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Why Hark

We made Hark for people who don’t want to listen to the same three podcasts for the rest of their lives.

We create short clips of the best moments — the big ones we’ve all heard of and the thousands of smaller ones that may have otherwise slipped through the cracks — because falling in love with a new podcast is hard when you don’t know where to start. The intros can be over twenty minutes long, and often the gem that will hook you doesn’t happen until deep into the episode.

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We curate these moments around an ever growing set of themes. We call these Harklists and they’re like podcast moment mixtapes. You’ll find Harklists on themes as broad as Tennis, and narrow as Comedians Talking about Depression, and on topics like Disruption in Business and Making Sourdough. There are even Harklists that collect the best podcast moments of Tina Fey and Tom Hanks.

Our friends who make podcasts create Harklists of the best moments of their shows, and invite their listeners to join in, suggesting their own favorites. You’ll find “Best Of” Harklists from Studio 360, Radiolab, and Masters of Scale.

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The promise of the podcast movement is the vast diversity of voices talking about an infinite variety of topics. But the podcast universe — rich, sprawling, scattered — is overwhelming. And many of us fall into listening to the same three podcasts, when what we really want is a way to serendipitously tune into all that genius out there. That’s what Hark is for.

So jump in and start listening. You can even create your own Harklists or suggest a clip to an existing one, because we’re all smarter when we work together.