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Hark Politics #1

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  • In June 2020, Kampala Harris answered the question: “Do you want to be Joe Biden’s Vice President?”
    Kamala Harris
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  • The majority of California wildfires are fought but inmates, but is it an ethical practice?
    The Sunday Read: 'In the Line of Fire'
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  • The biggest boycott in NBA history and how the players, with advice from Obama, are advocating for social justice
    The Biggest Boycott in NBA History
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  • The history of dog whistle politics and why it works.
    Why Dog Whistles Work In Politics
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  • Jeffrey Toobin and Rob Goldstone discuss Trump’s private and personal personas, and how Trump brands himself.
    Ep01 Is an Englishman in - TRUMPTON with Jeffrey Toobin
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  • The Windrush scandal brought the cruelty of Britain’s deportation policies to light. Here’s one man’s deportation story.
    Life after deportation: 'No one tells you how lonely you're going to be'
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  • How RBG, as a young ACLU lawyer, convinced an all-male Supreme Court to take discrimination against women seriously.
    More Perfect: Sex Appeal
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  • Meanwhile in Arizona...
    What It’s Like When MAGA Nation Wants to Kill You for Your Movie
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